Frequently asked questions

What is Moms Café?

A monthly gathering to provide soul care for your motherhood journey.

Who is organizing this?

Several area churches have partnered together to form our core team. Find out more about our team here. The supporting churches are Pathway ChurchBow Valley Baptist Church, and Tapestry.

Why was Moms Café Started?

It was evident to us along our own motherhood journeys that moms feel isolated. This Cafe program was founded to create a community for moms to to know the joy of belonging and community, and to receive encouragement and mentorship, on a regular basis.

I love this idea, how can I help?

We are so grateful for volunteers! We have opportunities to help with set up, greeting, food service, childcare, hostessing, take down and more. Send an email over to and let us know what your talents are! Opportunities can be a regular monthly commitment or just once and a while.

Who is Moms Café for?

It’s for all moms. If you have one brand new baby, if you have eight children, if you fall anywhere in between or you have more than that. If you birthed your children, if you adopted them, if you are a foster mama, it’s for you. If your children are older you’re welcome too, it’s not just for moms of little ones.

Are you meeting in Person?

YES! As long as we are able we will be meeting in person at Bow Valley Baptist Church, starting October 7, 2021.

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