Laugh, Love, Live

Laugh, Love and Live In March of 1997, our family of five moved to Portugal to be missionaries.  We were all excited for this journey, with fifteen pieces of luggage and a new home on the horizon.  When we landed in Lisbon, Portugal, the sound, language, sights and food were definitely different than in Texas.  […]

Pandemic Planning – Lessons in Letting Go

Pandemic Planning – Lessons in Letting Go It’s March. The past twelve months, time has both dragged on, and flown by, and it’s hard to believe we’ve known and lived in a global pandemic for a year. We’ve seen pretty much every type of plan we’ve made need to be cancelled, postponed, changed. There’s been […]

Learning to Thrive when life is a Struggle

Learning to Thrive when Life is a Struggle

Making Online Connections Count If you asked me how I’ve been doing during this season of Covid lockdown, I would have to confess that I’ve been struggling. Some days have been good, great even, but others have been too hard. I haven’t been enjoying the lockdown life, and I haven’t been good at it either.  […]

Making Online Connections Count

Making Online Connections Count “I hate Zoom.”  “I’m so tired of doing things online.” “If I have to do ONE MORE Zoom meeting…” “Online is not the same as in person.” Over the past 10 months, I’m almost positive that each and every one of you who is reading this has had these thoughts. We […]

Someone Needs What You Have

Someone Needs What You Have

Someone Needs What You Have Each and every one of you reading this has something to offer someone else. And not just anything to offer, but something so important to share that we need what you have. So what is it?  Too many times I’ve been faced with the opportunity to help someone out or […]