Someone Needs What You Have

Someone Needs What You Have

Someone Needs What You Have Each and every one of you reading this has something to offer someone else. And not just anything to offer, but something so important to share that we need what you have. So what is it?  Too many times I’ve been faced with the opportunity to help someone out or […]

Choose Joy!

Choose Joy! In March of 2020 there was snow on the ground, cold and dreary weather, and all of a sudden, we as a country and a world, were in the middle of a pandemic.  We were all stuck at home, confused and wondering how long will this last?!?! Not one person knew the intensity […]

Hospitality Redefined

Hospitality Redefined Several years ago, I was invited to participate in a Bible study on hospitality.  To be honest I was less than thrilled because hosting was not a skill set I felt I naturally possessed.  Now I know some marvellous hosts whose houses are beautiful, cooking is gourmet, and natural abilities lend them to […]

Turning Fearful Times into Seasons of Gratitude

Turning fearful Times into seasons of gratitude

5 Unexpected Gifts in Unexpected Seasons Afraid. Anxious. Overwhelmed. Discouraged.  These are just some of the words I have used to describe myself in situations over the past several months. Looking back over the past year, it’s almost impossible NOT to describe your circumstances with one of these words. Between job loss, financial change, virtual […]

Planning in the Chaos

Planning in the Chaos of Uncertainty

Planning in the Chaos of Uncertainty Where to begin?  Well, with a list, or a plan, of course! Priorities Margins Flexibility If you’re a planner girl, with your paper, colour coded pens carefully selected for the type of paper of your favourite planner, some stickers and time carved out weekly to update that planner … […]

5 Unexpected Gifts in Unexpected Seasons

5 Unexpected gifts in unexpected seasons

5 Unexpected Gifts in Unexpected Seasons How did I get here??  In the blink of an eye I find myself in a present reality that looks nothing like I imagined or expected. I could never have predicted this. How is this real life?  How is it October?  How are we still in a pandemic? How […]