Soul Care for moms

Soul Care for Moms

Our Purpose

Moms Cafe was created to bring moms together for soul care so they can be filled up and thrive where they are.

What is Moms Café

Moms Cafe is more than just self care – it’s soul care!

We believe that moms who are cared for physically, emotionally, mentally AND spiritually will be able to enjoy and thrive in their season of motherhood. 

Our goal is to bring moms together to belong in community, enjoy mentorship from mature moms who’ve been there, and be encouraged from a speaker and good conversation with other moms around the table. 

Moms Cafe is a program that runs from October-May, meeting monthly on Thursday mornings from 9-11am at Bow Valley Church. Childcare is included in the registration fee, as well as good coffee/tea and snacks, so moms can have a break, relax and be cared for. Each gathering will have encouragement from a speaker on a practical topic related to being a mom, and then discussion afterward. 

Moms Cafe is for any mom, whether you have a newborn or teenagers. There will be women to converse with who are a stage behind, in the same boat, or even further down the path. 

*Moms Cafe is not a Bible study or church service. It is not a place of judgment, criticism or gossip, nor is it a place of counselling or “fixing” each other.